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My Girl Franchised Outlet in Cambodia, Making Brand Internationalization

18th May,2015

The success is spreading rapidly for the milk tea Brand of the Tea Industry leader ”The Special Bird & Chain” –My Girl. Following the success that My Girl entered in Philippine market in 2014, at the beginning of 2015, it was also successful to open the marketing in Cambodia.

Mr. Liu, who introduced the brand of My Girl to Cambodia, is from Nantong, China and experienced in business for many years. He started the business by doing the home textile in his early years, and kept coming and going between Southeast Asia and North America frequently. When his business for the Home Textile got success, he was also concerned about the brand of My Girl. With a keen business sense, he found the following situation till he went to work in Cambodia. Cambodia has a tropical monsoon climate, and is hot all the year round. While, the Cambodians like sweet diet, especially milk tea. But there was no decent milk tea brand. After the multi investigation, Mr. Liu found it was a business opportunity and finally made his decision that it was time to introduce the My Girl to Cambodia.

Since My Girl was created in 2009, it was very popular in the market. After that, it developed rapidly and it covered 95% of the regions in our country. There are more than 2800 stores around the world, and it has already been the leading brand in the tea market. There are a large of My Girl fans in all levels of consumers, no matter in students, white-collar, or boss. So do the My Girl’s join partner. They blended their entrepreneurial passion in My Girl brand personality. Cooperating with the My Girl headquarters, they extended My Girl to throughout the country and even out of the county, to the world.

Honey fruit together will be extended to the country and even out of the country, to the world. It is a small step for the brand of the Special Bird & Chain. But it is large step for the Tea Industry of China. It marks the Chinese tea industry has achieved a certain status in the world. The Special Bird & Chain, as the Tea Industry leader in China, also goes forward to create the international brand.